Copper Bears Roar!

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copperCopper took a big hit on Friday.  The industrial metal fell a hefty 4.2% on news of a small Chinese solar company failing to pay interest on its bonds.   Friday’s drop puts copper at $3.08 a pound, a stone’s throw away from the 52-week low set in August 2013.

Take a look…


Given the intense bearish reaction to the news, it’s highly likely copper continues lower to test technical support at $3.05 this week.

Now, you may be wondering…

Why would copper investors care about a pipsqueak Chinese solar company defaulting on its debt?”

Let me explain…

The default, by Shanghai Chaori Solar, is the first domestic bond default in modern Chinese history.  In the past, the country’s socialist government bailed out ailing companies by refinancing and paying their debts.  In a nutshell, the Chinese government simply wouldn’t allow companies to default.

But with Chaori’s default, that practice appears to be coming to an end.

And with it comes the possibility of many more corporate defaults… 

In fact, analysts say the number of Chinese companies with debt-to-equity ratios of 200% or higher has jumped nearly 60% since 2007.  And according to analysis by Bloomberg, 63 companies have debt-to-equity ratios of 400% or higher.  All said, China’s corporate debt market has reached a staggering $2 trillion.

In a worst-case scenario, a rash of defaults could lead to a banking crisis much like the one seen in the US a little over five years ago.  Obviously, such a situation would decimate growth, throwing China’s economy into a tailspin.

It’s not a pleasant thought…

And remember, China is the world’s largest consumer of copper.  So demand for the metal would plummet in such a situationThat’s precisely why traders were so quick to react to the news on Friday.

What does all this information mean for the price of copper going forward?

While it’s impossible to know exactly when the next default will occur, copper investors will likely be unwilling to put a substantial bid into the market because of it.

As a result, copper will likely underperform for some time to come.

How can you capitalize on the situation?

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