Justin BennettJustin Bennett, Senior Commodity Strategist

Justin Bennett is the editor of Commodity ETF Alert, an investment advisory focused on profiting from the ebb and flow of important commodities via ETFs.

As he often likes to say…

“Thanks to numerous factors, including rampant central bank money printing and resource depletion, exposure to commodities is a must for every balanced portfolio.”

Using his proprietary technical and fundamental analysis method, Justin assists investors in buying commodities with the most profit potential at just the right time.

And that’s not all…

The commodity veteran and options specialist is also a regular contributor to the Dynamic Wealth Report.  Every week, Justin shares his thoughts with our readers on a variety of commodity-related topics.

He even offers up specific commodity trading ideas and helps readers navigate the often complicated world of hard asset investing.

While partnering with Dynamic Wealth Report, Justin is also a successful independent trader.  He has studied under some of the brightest minds in trading including Van Tharp, Chuck Lebeau, and DR Barton.  He’s also worked with a highly respected proprietary trading organization as an independently contracted trader.

What’s more, Justin’s background lends itself perfectly to commodity trading.

You see, Justin was raised on a large Montana cattle ranch.  For nearly two decades, he was in the field learning the ins and outs of the cattle market.  This experience gives him a unique, first-hand understanding of commodity markets in general, something that other investors just don’t have!

Justin is also a frequent contributor to Commodity Trading Research’s free daily e-letter.  And he’s the editor of another highly successful and popular investment advisory, the Options Profit Pipeline.