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Commodity Industry Profits are reaching record levels.

In the last few years, we’ve seen oil prices all over the map… from over $100 a barrel to levels half that!  Gold prices are like a roller coaster, not to mention all the other commodities out there.

It’s a constant battle between the forces of supply and demand.

Prices push higher, encouraging more production… which pushes prices lower.

Toss in global political instability, the constant threat of inflation, saber rattling that might lead to war, and currency manipulation by government central banks… and you’ll see why predicting the exact price of a commodity in the future is impossible.

But there is a constant in this industry… Profits.

Commodity companies are savvy when it comes to generating profits… just look into their past.  These companies make billions and billions every year… making their shareholders wealth in the process.

If you want to learn how to grab your part of the billions being made in the commodity industry, check out our number one commodity service Commodity ETF Alert.

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Options Profit Pipeline is an explosive options trading service run by our Commodity guru Justin Bennett.  He’s got a plan to do one thing and do it well… make you money.

Every few days, Justin will roll out a trade he believes has the potential to capture big gains from the rapid movements of different commodities and resource based stocks.  And as a subscriber, you’ll receive all the details in a flash trade alert.

Not to worry, the trade alert is written in plain English and will outline the trade, why he’s suggesting it, and where the profit potential lies.

You’ll have all the confidence in the world to place the trade yourself.

Best of all, Justin gives precise exit points for taking profits.  There won’t be any guessing as to when and where you should take your gains to the bank.

You’ll never have to guess what to do with a recommendation – ever!

Finally, you’ll receive a weekly update every Wednesday that discusses the recent market action, and quickly covers all the open positions in the portfolio.

The confidence you’ll gain, having a professional options trader and commodity expert at your side, is invaluable.

With Options Profit Pipeline, you’ll get the opportunity to capture big options gains in commodity ETFs and resource-based companies!

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